Case Study

Koorsen Fire & Security

Koorsen is a leading fire and security company, headquartered in Indianapolis and family owned for over 70 years. Koorsen hired Copper Run in the summer of 2013 to target small to mid-size acquisitions in the Midwest and South.


Copper Run began searching for companies and speaking with owners shortly thereafter. In late September, Koorsen signed the first LOI and acquired two successful operations, giving them a presence in Northeast Ohio, which was a new location for them. Copper Run continued to speak with owners and in the spring, Koorsen signed LOIs with three additional companies. They acquired companies in northern Indiana, central Tennessee, and Kentucky. Koorsen was able to absorb these companies into existing locations. In all the acquisitions, the sellers were impressed with the family culture and reputation of Koorsen. It allowed these owners a succession plan they were excited about. They knew that Koorsen would take care of their employees and maintain the same excellent level of service for their clients.


Since inception of the engagement, we have completed 20 deals for Koorsen.  We continue to have a great working relationship with Koorsen and continue to look for more opportunities on their behalf.


Koorsen is just one of the many family owned companies we have helped. If you would like to learn more about our Buy Side Acquisition Process, please contact us at 614-888-1786. We would be very interested in sitting down with you and learning more about your business and explaining our process.